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Understanding Property Management

The decision
Unless a unit has been purchased with the intent to make it a rental, most other owners are being forced into the rental scene because they cannot afford to keep making payments on a property they are not occupying. For these giving up control/oversight of a major investment is unnerving at best. At times I have felt some of these owners would have had less stress by just having to worry about making the monthly payment. So the first question should be – Am I willing to relinquish control and be able to accept the fact things may happen to the property which will be upsetting, possibly cause unrecoverable cost and most certainly leave the property different. If the answer in not yes, it would be best to seek another avenue of dealing with the situation.

Property condition
All owners usually consider their properties in at least “good or acceptable” condition. The reality is though that very few units are “rent ready” when they are initially turned over including those that are meticulously cared for. 99% of the time we still have to do some detailed cleaning, painting / touch up painting, make repairs clean up yards or get things in compliance with rental ordinances. In some cases it is because owners have lived “comfortably” with issues because they have never had the time or money to address them. In other cases the décor required custom paint colors which are hard to touch up and will not be good for the majority of renters. If not every surface has been touch by the cleaning rag inside and out the unit is not clean. So the second question is – Am I willing to allow my property to be made rent ready at whatever the cost is. The fact of the matter is that the better the condition of the property, the better the tenant and the faster it will rent at a reasonable rent rate.

The tenant
We cannot discriminate. Once the property is signed up it is rentable to anyone who meets the criteria set by the owner in the management agreement. Though we may able to find a “perfect” tenant on “paper” it does not mean that their living habits are the best and unless you can prove criminal activity/damages or have a health department complaint situation there is little chance of a judge granting an eviction. No amount of inspections will change a tenant’s living habits; if anything it will just cause feeling of intimidation/harassment. We cannot control the tenant’s actions or the condition of how they leave the property when they move out. Third question – Can I deal with a possible slob in my property?

Rent payments
Your mortgage is your responsibility. We DO NOT guarantee that the rent will be in your account by a certain date and there is no way to ensure that the tenant’s payments are always timely. Even the best of tenants can be late or bounce checks. Fourth question – Can you afford to carry the house if the rent is not there?

The costs
If you have gotten past the initial costs of paying the one month’s rent as finder’s fee and getting the house ready, now get ready for the tenant related costs. The general mind set of most owners is that the house is now in perfect condition and anything that goes wrong hereafter is because the tenant caused it. Regretfully even the nicest of tenants are not always completely honest about how things happen and unless one can, with absolute certainty, prove that the tenant is at fault, you the owner are going to get stuck with the bill. Since we as your property managers have requested the repair service you are liable for the bill to the service provider regardless of whether we are going to try and recover the cost from the tenant or not. At move out the tenants never admit to damaging things and never draw your attention to the unobvious “dings” which the next tenant then calls in about wanting them fixed. Though the house was in good condition when they moved in – you paid to have it put that way – unless it is “blatant” the cost to get the house “rent ready” again is considered “wear and tear” expense. Question five – how upsetting is this going to be?

Our philosophy
This is your property. It is our obligation to see that all issues with the property are dealt with quickly and efficiently in order to preserve and protect your investment and because you are now dealing with the public by being a “landlord” through us managing the property for you, your liability for the safety of the tenant becomes paramount. We therefore encourage the tenants to call us with all issues as soon as possible regardless of the cause so that any further/residual damage or safety issues can be minimized. This approach gives the tenant a sense of caring on our part/your part which usually makes for a happier and ultimately more caring tenant. In order to accomplish this however it is essential to the smooth flow of things that owners do not try and micro manage the property by requiring prior authorization on every cost and require use of service providers other than ours unless time is not of essence. This is why we have a $200 per occurrence (not per month) blanket service authorization written into our management agreements. Even though often owners believe that their service providers are cheaper or there are cheaper providers out there, the downsides to using these people way outweigh their use. It disrupts our ability to call providers that we know will answer the call especially in emergency situations, people we have established a long time rapport with and understand how we work and what our expectations are, providers that we can trust to do the job timely, properly, reliably, professionally and without worry of inappropriate/criminal behavior, invoice us verses require payment on site and be an additional set of eyes when at the property that will report things they feel could be of concern. Certainly our people too make mistakes or have things go wrong but we never have to worry about them being willing to go back and correct the problem. It is our goal to provide both tenants and owners with easy accessibility to our management team for all needs through voicemail, fax, email and emergency pager -24/7. Our accounting side does its best to process payments and provide documentation as quickly as possible taking weekends and holidays into account. Questions and concerns are always taken seriously and addressed accordingly. We hope that this information will assist in the decision process while outlining realistic expectations for owners who do decide to place their property in our care.

Phil. Keller / Shana Drew
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